Let's showcase the width and the breadth of our product range to you. It is amongst the only few company in India which is providing you such a large variety of jute products that will cater to yours all types of demands under one roof.

Our range of jute bags include shopping jute bags, carry bags, gift & promotional bags, Christmas bags, bottle bags, tote bags, beach bags, fruit & vegetable bags, grocery bags, fashion & cosmetic bags, drug & chemist bags, drawstring bags, rucksack, backpack, duffle bags, laundry bags, rice-tea & spice bags and other customised bags as may be needed by you.

Customised Options
We additionally offer the following customised options to you to choose from,

like, card board bottoms, pockets, snap buttons, zippers, valcro clousers, laces, advertising inserts, printed logoes of cloth, brass, wooden etc.

Variety of Handles
We offer varieties of handles, as per your requirements. View handles plastic, cane, and bamboo. 

Office Stationeries & Gift Items
Jute with leather/foam - Executive bags, Side bags, Folder, Pouch, Document sachets, File bags, Conference file, Purses, Eye-glass cover, Waist pouch, Stepni cover. Office calenders, Diaries, Greeting Cards, Visiting Cards, Pen holders, Telephone Covers, Photoframe, Pen stands, Pinballs.

Soft Luggage & Briefcase
We provide you a wide range of sizes. 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" Jute with Leather & Foam with international grade fittings. 16" - 18" soft luggage cum briefcase.
Full Jute with leather Briefcase - Jute with leather/ foam with international grade fittings. Your company logo provided.

Personal Wear
Ladies Purses & bags - Jute with leather with international grade fittings.
Garments & Jewellary - Jackets, skirts, tops, middies, Caps, Shirts, Salwar Kameez, Neckless, Earrings, Bangles, Hairbands.
Footwear - Beach Slipper, Home Slipper, Shoes, Sandals, Outgoing Slippers - made of jute with cotton, rubber leather.

Domestic Items
Fruit & Vegetable bags, Plant Holders, Lamp shades, Fruit bowls, Shaving Kit bags, Shoe cover & case, Wall hangings,  Photoframes, Hammocks, Swings, Caps, Jackets, Toiletaries bag, Coaster, Doormat, Roommats, Decorative items.
Upholstery - Curtain cloth, Sofa cover, Pillow cover, Table mats.